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Name of facuy


Highest Qualification

Area of Interest


Dr. M.K.Rodge

Head of the Department

Ph. D. (SRTM University, Nanded)

Termal,Non conventional manufacturinng, Computer Aided manufacturing

Mr. K.G. Rajmore Asst. Professor M.Tech. (CAD/CAM) MDCAD,CAM, PLM
Mr. G.D. Jambhrunkar Asst. Professor M. Tech. (Auto.Engg.) Automobile, CFD
Mr. G.R. Kondekar Asst. Professor M. Tech.(Mech-PLM) PLM, Customization
Mr. D.T. Mehta Asst. Professor M. E. (Production) Machine design, Metallurgy
Mr. P.D. Agwane Asst. Professor M. Tech. (Machine Design) Design, Vibretion, FEA
Mr.M.V.Shinde Asst. Professor M. Tech. (Mechatronics) Internet of Things, Automation,Robotics
Mr. A.M.Chavan Asst.Professor M. Tech (Manufacturing) Metrology and quality control, Manufacturing process
Mr. S.G. Shinde Asst. Professor M.Tech (Thermal) Thermal Engineering, Micro Combustion,RAC
Mr. V.S.Deshmukh Asst. Professor M. Tech (PLM) Automobile, Tool Design
Ms. J.S.Sarda Asst. Professor M. Tech (Manufacturing Engg.& Automation) Manufacturing Processes and Non conventional Machining

Mrs. P.A.Jambhulkar 

Asst. Professor



Mrs. A.G.Indrawad  Asst. Professor M.Tech(Turbomachines) CFD, Thermal and Fluid Science